releases pending, concert recordings present


✅ euroDYKE live@ljudOljud@KMH

✅ << 1☆ >>

✅ << De som tycker /stycke/ att transbarn inte /för/ ska få ha tillgång /fyra/ till könsbekräftande hormonbehandling /pianon/ är stinkande grisar. >>


✅ << sample & hold >>, live @KMH (see home page)

✅ << Utstallation, v. 0.7.5 [beta] >> 10 minute-long installation work for two walking and cyckling tunnels in central Stockholm. In collaboration with the city of Stockholm together with my class at KMH. Present for 6 weeks during the summer of 2022. WaLL StrEeT StockholM

✅ << The Earthly Realm is Out of Balance >>, a research-driven, choose-your-own-adventure chat-bot game by April Lin 林森. I made music and sounds that are played when you interact with THE INTERFACE, meditating on ancestry... Exhibited at Fact Liverpool from Dec 1, and playable on WhatsApp.